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PLUS, it provides over 25 of nature’s other most effective organic ingredients to boost collagen levels while also deeply moisturizing your skin!

For example, it includes organic astaxanthin extract sourced from red algae, which has powerful blocking properties against the sun’s UV rays, and provides the skin very effective support in combating that “weathered look,” such as the appearance of dark spots and wrinkles.

It includes organic mango seed butter, which is extremely high in vitamin C and can boost collagen and promote a firmer, tighter, and more healthy “plump” appearance to the skin.

It includes nature’s most exceptional moisturizing ingredients, like organic sunflower seed oil and cacao seed butter (which also provides your skin compounds called “cocoa mass polyphenols” that can have very strong anti-aging effects, including skin elasticity, skin tone, and boosting collagen.)

That means you’re feeding your skin all of nature’s ULTIMATE proven ingredients to address BOTH the deficiency in elastin and the deficiency in collagen that can otherwise occur due to age.

This super-simple skin regime is all you need if you want your ULTIMATE youngest-looking skin!

YES, the Age-Defying Dream Cream is also ideal for all skin types. It, too, is made in Canada, and as noted it’s USDA Certified Organic including non-toxic… non-GMO… and paraben-free.

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