Introducing the USDA-Certified Organic
Age-Defying Dream Cream

Featuring the Revolutionary NEW Extract that Scientists are Calling “The Plant-Based Botox”

Finally, a Certified Organic Facial Cream that Actually Works to Reverse the Clock on Aging, Leaving You with Firm, Dewy, Glowing Skin!

(and we have the testimonials to prove it!!!)

So, let’s start with a straightforward and very important question for you about your current appearance…

When you look in the mirror do you ever feel frustrated with…

Despite SPF, serums and heavy moisturizers, do you feel like nothing really works to reverse signs of aging?

Do you fear your skin is only going to get more wrinkled each year?

Do you want to restore collagen, elastin, and deep moisture to your skin?

Do you believe that nature has answers that are far more effective for you than any man made chemical out there?

Purity Woods’ Age-Defying Dream Cream is the answer!

Like a Time-Machine in a Bottle,
Restore Critical Collagen & Elastin
Using Nature’s 25 Most
Nourishing Anti-Aging Botanicals

Your intuition is right.

Your skin should look younger!

You deserve to have tight, radiant, youthful skin…

The sad truth is that most people have skin that looks older than it should.

This is partially due to the stress of our modern lifestyle…

The other reason people suffer from premature aging is because of harmful ingredients in their skincare products…

Yes, this includes many products claiming to be organic!

Purity Woods’ USDA Certified Organic Age-Defying Dream Cream contains ingredients that will restore the appearance of youth to your skin after years of damage caused by other skincare products. 

Everyone is loving the Age-Defying Dream Cream because it’s meticulously blended with a broad spectrum of 25 of nature’s most effective botanical extracts and plant butters.

3 - Dream Cream - Cropped

And it Contains an Exclusive
Newly Discovered Extract that Scientists
have Called, “The Plant-Based Botox”!

You’ll be hard-pressed to find this revolutionary extract anywhere else!

See What Dr. Joel Fuhrman, World-Renowned M.D., 7-Time NY Times Bestselling Author Said About Age-Defying Dream Cream:

My wife, Lisa, turned me on to this cream she loves. It can help you maintain younger-looking skin by supporting your skin’s free radical defenses and elastin production. So, I started using this anti-aging cream, too, after reviewing the research on its ingredients. (I also recommend wearing a hat with a large brim while out in the sun.)

It’s a revolutionary cream that restores the appearance of youth to your skin like nothing else out there. It’s USDA Organic Certified and provides you with nature’s most effective botanicals for both collagen and elastin.

The Age-Defying Dream Cream is USDA Certified Organic & With Ingredients that are Scientifically Backed to Reverse Visible Signs of Aging

Are you ready to ELIMINATE the appearance of…

“Fountain-of-Youth-Like Effects”

It’s the perfect blend of science and nature, with over 25 of nature’s most potent organic plant botanicals to reverse visible signs of aging…

The Age-Defying Dream Cream gives you beautiful, nourished, glowing skin overnight. 

You’re going to love what each of these 25 ingredients will do to your skin…

But the Secret Sauce in this #1 bestselling formula is a recently discovered plant extract that researchers say has Fountain-of-Youth like effects!

Keep scrolling to learn about the exclusive, secret plant extract that you’ve probably never heard of!

Real People. Amazing Results.

“I decided to do an experiment. I put it on half of my face for one week. I work with estheticians and I asked them if they noticed anything between the two sides. They immediately pointed to the side of my face that I’d been using Age-Defying Dream Cream vs. the side I’d used a different organic product. They said it looked more Radiant, Smoother and more Moisturized! I’ve been using it for 7-months now and there are less lines around my eyes and my laugh lines have softened.”

– Michele T., Verified Customer

“I loved the way it made my face look. I got rid of fine lines, I got rid of wrinkles. And people now say I look 15 years younger than I actually am. By the way, I’m 56. The Dream Cream is awesome. And I am a customer for life.”

– Jane B., Verified Customer

Many Skincare Products (Including “Organic” Ones) Can Pose SERIOUS Risks to Your Skin and Health

Have you looked at the labels of any of the popular brands of moisturizing and anti-aging creams, serums, or lotions?

Chances are sky-high they contain synthetic ingredients.

Yes, some of these ingredients produce some short-term results on your skin, like temporary smoothness…

But over time, they can lead to longer-term health problems and skin damage.

Why do so many companies use these harmful ingredients?

Mostly because they are cheap shortcuts.

Artificial ingredients are FAR easier to source and inexpensive to use, so they can get a bigger profit margin.

Did You Know that if Only One Ingredient Used in the Product is “Organic”, They Can Slap the Word “Organic” on the Label??

It gets worse…

You’ve probably seen organic skincare products claiming to be free of sulfates, parabens and phthalates…

While that’s a good thing, read their ingredient label and chances are high you’ll see OTHER synthetic and potentially harmful ingredients being used instead!

What’s more, don’t be fooled by skincare labels calling themselves “organic”…

Because that could mean a single organic ingredient along with many synthetic ingredients being used!

There is a big “Organic Imposter” Skin Product Problem!

Many skincare products deceptively use words like “organic” and “wild-crafted” when they actually contain harmful ingredients. 

These Organic Imposters get away with it because there is little regulation in the skincare industry.

Beware of skincare companies that use the generic word “organic” on their labels!

Many “organic” skincare products contain artificial ingredients as well as toxic pesticides and herbicides mixed in with the few organic ingredients in their product. 

Yes, this also applies to those “organic” skin creams and serums that cost upwards of a hundred or more dollars!

Did you know that some skincare products labeled “organic” even use 6 of the most toxic ingredients known in skincare today?

Yes, there are literally hundreds of thousands of potentially toxic ingredients that you should avoid!

It’s impossible to list them all here, but we would like to highlight some of the worst offenders…

The 6 Common Ingredients You Need to Avoid at All Costs

There’s a long list of ingredients you’ll commonly see in skincare products that cause long-term skin damage and pose serious health risks. 

You would expect to see these ingredients in the notorious big brand skincare labels…

Sadly they are also found in many “imposter organic” skincare products!

Beware of the Top 6 Worst-of-the-Worst Skincare Ingredients:


Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acids

Hydroquinone & Benzophenone



Octinoxate (OMC)

If it doesn’t have the “USDA Certified Organic” badge, It's NOT Organic!!!

The “USDA Certified Organic” label is the gold standard in organic skincare because it requires meticulous safety testing and a strict independent review process…

…both at the farm and the manufacturing facility!

USDA Certified Organic means products are independently certified to have a minimum of 95% organic ingredients. (And the remaining 5% can only be processed using a strict “safe” ingredient list.)

Some ingredients cannot be “certified organic” because they were never alive to begin with, such as minerals.

Sadly, it is rare to find USDA Certified Organic skincare products, because they require a painstaking amount of work to make.

However, it’s not impossible, as you’re about to see!

What’s NOT in the Age-Defying Dream Cream Matters

It’s FREE of:

It was not processed using harmful:

It’s also, of course, a cruelty-free formula that is NEVER tested on animals.

Real People. Amazing Results.

“After the first few uses, I noticed my skin was so much more hydrated and glowing. And after a few weeks, I noticed my fine lines have disappeared and my texture improved greatly. What I also love about these products is that all their ingredients are natural and organic… these products are made having the customer’s best interest at heart.”

- Gabriella M., Verified Customer

“I could not believe it, but pretty much overnight – for me it was overnight – I looked in the mirror the next morning and I was like, ‘Whoa, it’s a younger me!’ It was like looking at myself in the mirror a couple years ago. It was amazing…”

- Miranda H., Verified Customer

Did you know that your skin is alive?

Your skin is your body’s largest organ.

So much of what you put on your skin is absorbed into your bloodstream!

You need to be as diligent about your skincare products as you are about your food and supplements!

Skincare products with artificial and toxic ingredients not only damage your skin…

They can seep into your bloodstream, potentially leading to serious health conditions over time.

Did you know that your skin is one of your body’s fastest healing organs?  

3 - Dream Cream - Cropped

The fastest way to look younger is to repair your damaged skin. 

And replacing harmful artificial and toxic ingredients with nourishing, replenishing organic botanicals is exactly how you do this!

That’s why many people report seeing changes even the first time they use Age-Defying Dream Cream! 

The cumulative effects are even more astonishing. 

Age-Defying Dream Cream contains:

Real People. Amazing Results.

“I really love this cream. My skin feels soft, I’m pretty certain the fine lines have diminished. People have been asking me what do you do to your skin, it looks so good. So feels good, smells good. I really like it. Buy it, you’ll like it too.”

- Alisia H., Verified Customer

“Hi my name is Lori, I’ve been using the Age-Defying Dream Cream for about 3 months now and I am literally smitten. It has changed my skin. I may be 53, but my skin doesn’t look it anymore. Thank you so much!”

- Lori B., Verified Customer

How Does The Age-Defying Dream Cream Reverse Aging Skin?

Starting in your 30s, two critical components of healthy, firm, glowing skin can decline quite significantly:

Collagen and Elastin

Collagen and elastin are critical proteins for your skin.

Fine lines, wrinkles and “deflated-looking” skin comes from insufficient levels of collagen and elastin.

You know that look of “droop” under the eyes, sagging skin and “turkey neck”? 

That’s what happens when you don’t have enough elastin in your skin!

It’s important to use a daily skincare product that replenishes both collagen and elastin!

The Age-Defying Dream Cream Gives You Nature’s Ultimate Collagen and Elastin Boosting Ingredients…

Here’s What Happens if you Don’t Replace Critical Collagen to Your Skin

Collagen is a protein that makes up about 75% of your skin, giving the look of “plumpness”  to your skin while keeping your wrinkles at bay.

Unfortunately, collagen production diminishes every year after your 18th birthday.

By the time you turn 30, your declining collagen becomes visible, declining with each passing year.

The Hard Truth about Collagen Loss:

You Can Reverse Damage Caused by Collagen Loss at Any Age, But the Sooner You Start, the Better!

Don’t ever put collagen on your skin though…

Your skin can only absorb ingredients if the molecules are small enough.

Collagen protein molecules are way too large to be absorbed.

BEWARE of Skincare Products that Contain Collagen!

Topical collagen is an expensive marketing scam. 

You literally receive ZERO benefits from skincare products that contain collagen.

You’re probably wondering…

If you need collagen, but you can’t get it topically, what can you do?

Luckily, nature created a powerful way to boost collagen production in your skin:


You can’t restore collagen by applying collagen to your skin…

But you can boost your collagen levels with topical Vitamin C.

Vitamin C molecules are small enough for your skin to drink right up, giving you a potent collagen boost.

The bottom line is that it’s mission-critical to feed your skin vitamin C to combat the look of wrinkled, deflated skin.

Age-Defying Dream Cream has a Potent Amount of Collagen-Boosting Vitamin C that You Need to Repair Damaged Skin.

It will brighten your skin tone, reverse the appearance of sun damage and help firm your saggy-looking skin.

The science-backed benefits of Age-Defying Dream Cream begin overnight and will also accumulate over time!

Real People. Amazing Results.

“I’ve been using my Purity Woods products for about a week, and I have to say WOW, this is what I’ve been looking for! I’m not exaggerating when I say I noticed a difference overnight – literally woke up and was incredulous that I could already see improvement in the fine lines around my eyes. I have sensitive skin, so trying new products is always risky, but I have run that risk several times as I try to find a product that works for my eye area. Other products have been great in general, but for whatever reason, nothing has made a difference around my eyes – until now! I’m super excited to see what happens using these products long-term. Thank you, thank you, thank you for creating this wonderful product line.”

- Miranda H., Verified Customer

“I tried your Dream Cream and I have to say that it is the only skincare product I have ever used (and I’ve tried plenty) where I could see an immediate Improvement. I am 66 years and just beginning to get a little sag of a turkey neck.”

- Janice R., Verified Customer

Here’s What Happens if You Don’t Replace Critical Elastin to Your Skin:

Elastin is the anti-sag, anti-wrinkle protein that works in concert with collagen.

Trying to build collagen without building elastin is kind of like trying to fill a balloon with a hole in it.

Like the name sounds, elastin is like elastic…

Elastin enables the skin to appear soft and smooth and “snap back” to its original healthy shape after being stretched.

Elastin is critical for the skin around your:

Like everything, elastin declines as you age.

How does this happen?

There is an enzyme called “elastase” that breaks down elastin on your skin, giving you wrinkles and loose, droopy, saggy-looking skin.

Luckily, scientists have discovered that a powerful plant extract can help block this nefarious enzyme and protect your elastin… 

Age-Defying Dream Cream Has ONE Exclusive Ingredient that Scientists have Called the

“Plant-Based BOTOX”

It’s the Revolutionary Elastin-Boosting, Anti-Wrinkle, Anti-Sag Power of…

Maple Leaf Extract!

New research shows Maple Leaf Extract may be nature’s closest thing to a real Fountain of Youth!

This may be WHY some people even see immediate results when they use the Age-Defying Dream Cream.

In 2018, researchers at the University of Rhode Island released exciting research on reversing wrinkles and sagging skin.

The discovery was Maple Leaf Extract!

They discovered that red Maple Leaf Extract appears to BLOCK the activity of elastase…

Protecting you from the nefarious enzyme that breaks down your precious elastin!

Maple Leaf Extract protects your skin from wrinkles and sagging!

There is nothing else in nature that comes close to Maple Leaf Extract!

“These extracts tighten up human skin like a plant-based Botox.”

- Navindra Seeram, University of Rhode Island

The compounds found exclusively in Maple Leaf Extract may also help eliminate the appearance of age spots.

The Age-Defying Dream Cream uses a proprietary blend of 3 different types of potent Maple Leaf Extracts

All sourced from pristine Canadian forest:

Organic Acer Rubrum (Red Maple) Leaf Extract

Organic Acer Saccharum (Sugar Maple) Leaf Extract

Organic Acer Pensylvanium (Striped Maple) Leaf Extract

We’re Excited to be One of the World’s First Providers of USDA Certified Organic Maple Leaf Extracts!

It’s also what gives Age-Defying Dream Cream the gentle, natural maple-leaf scent that you’re going to love!

Each of the over 25 ingredients in our Age-Defying Dream Cream is a superstar, but if we had to choose one ingredient we couldn’t live without, it would be Maple Leaf Extract!

And when you see the results around your mouth, forehead, neck and hands, you’re going to understand why Maple Leaf Extract has been called “Botox in a bottle” by scientists!

We’re one of the few skincare companies in the world that provide a USDA Certified Organic, potent blend of 3 Maple Leaf Extracts!

We’ve also added perfect partners sourced from nature, in the ideal proportions, to the 3 Maple Leaf Extracts to give your skin a luxurious anti-aging experience.

Real People. Amazing Results.

“My face is really pretty good, especially for 77 yrs old! I am using the serum once a day and the cream twice, to extend it a little bit. In just 5 days, although the few brown spots on my face are quite light, I see a significant difference! Now, I’m waiting for the skin to tighten over my biceps and triceps.”


Update 1: “I’m on the 10th day now. Lookin’ good!”


Update 2: “I am on my 25th day now and my face is REALLY good and the skin on my arms is beginning to smooth out.”

- T.A. C.., Verified Customer

“I finally found a healthy, result-oriented moisturizer for my face. The Age Defying Dream Cream makes my facial skin feel and look healthier. It has a pleasant odor and most importantly, it is free of ingredients that are unsafe for our skin. The ingredients are amazing. I look forward to continuing to use it and see the positive changes. My three weeks of use have sold me!!

- Sara S., Verified Customer

We guarantee you’re going to fall in love with your Age-Defying Dream Cream because it contains nature’s answer to boosting both Collagen and Elastin in your skin!

You’ll be amazed at how fast it combats the appearance of aging skin overnight.

Organic Aloe Vera Leaf Juice

The ancient Egyptians called aloe vera (a.k.a. Aloe Barbadensis) “the plant of immortality” for good reason.

Aloe vera is deeply hydrating.

Your skin drinks up the aloe, along with several other moisturizing superstar ingredients in the Age-Defying Dream Cream, giving your skin that radiant, dewy look.

…without a greasy feel!

It also provides a special “aging barrier” for your skin while replenishing at the cellular level. 

Many people report that their skin feels ultra-hydrated and glows the first time they use their Age-Defying Dream Cream, thanks to our unique blend that includes a concentrated amount of organic aloe vera leaf juice!

Organic Astaxanthin Extract

Sun Exposure is a primary cause of wrinkled, weathered, and otherwise “old” looking skin.

Astaxanthin is a potent “carotenoid,” an antioxidant that provides superior protection for your skin.

We source our astaxanthin from organic red algae, which restores and prevents the appearance of future sun-damaged skin.

Say goodbye to the sun-damaged “weathered look,” and say hello to hydrated, dewy, glowing skin!

Research shows that astaxanthin promotes elasticity and moisture retention along with the maple leaf extracts.

You’ll love the natural glow of your skin from the potent amount of nourishing astaxanthin in your Age-Defying Dream Cream!

Organic Indian Gooseberry Extract

Indian gooseberry – (a.k.a. amla berry, amalaka, and its scientific name, Phyllanthus emblica) is known as the “Ayurvedic Wonder”.

Sky-high in vitamin C, it helps keep skin looking radiant and youthful. 

Its powerful antioxidant properties can help shield skin from environmental stressors.

Indian gooseberry is also excellent for helping to tighten skin that looks loose and for reducing the appearance of pores.

You’ll love the smoothing and tightening benefits of Indian gooseberry when you use your Age-Defying Dream Cream.

Organic Sunflower Seed Oil

Native Americans treasured both maple and sunflower for thousands of years.

Sunflower seed oil (a.k.a. Helianthus Annuus) is extremely high in the antioxidant vitamin E, which “locks moisture in” by trapping moisture inside skin cells.

It’s a powerful way to combat redness, dark spots and skin stress while providing a nourishing layer of hydration that lasts for hours.

The rich vitamin E works at the cellular level to restore your skin from damaging UV rays, giving you nature’s solution to the “weathered look”.

Many skincare products rely on a single moisturizing agent in their creams…

When you finally experience the broad spectrum of nature’s most potent moisturizing and hydrating ingredients, you’ll fall in love with your Age-Defying Dream Cream.

Organic Camu Camu Fruit Extract

The extract of the nutrient-dense camu camu berry (a.k.a. Myciaria Dubia) is native to South America. 

It is one of the most vitamin-C-rich fruits on earth with 40 times more vitamin C than oranges, making it an excellent collagen booster.

It helps reduce the appearance of sun damage, erasing dark spots and wrinkles, while brightening skin and evening out skin tone.

Loaded with other powerful antioxidants, such as flavonoids, camu camu is nature’s solution to restore aging skin to the youthful, radiant skin you were born with.

The broad spectrum of collagen-promoting ingredients – including the camu camu fruit extract – in Age-Defying Dream Cream is another reason people see results so quickly! 

Organic Mango Seed Butter

Many people love the delicious fruit of the mango and know it’s one of the most nutrient-rich fruits on earth. 

Did you know the seeds of mango (a.k.a. Mangifera Indica) are also loaded with benefits for your skin?

Mango seed butter is bursting with vitamin C, which helps with “turkey neck” and other areas where skin appears loose…

And promotes a firmer, tighter, and more “plump” appearance on the skin overall.

It’s also excellent for soothing stressed skin and is deeply moisturizing.

Rich in vitamin A, mango seed butter is nature’s solution to reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

You’ll love the radiant, dewy look you’ll get from the mango seed butter in your Age-Defying Dream Cream!

Vitamin C Extracts

Healthy levels of collagen are critical to the appearance of firm, glowing, hydrated-looking skin.

Vitamin C is critical for collagen production!

The Age-Defying Dream Cream is a rarity in that it provides you nature’s most potent vitamin C botanicals and they’re all USDA Certified Organic.

Vitamin C is a potent anti-aging ingredient that is nature’s solution to restoring loose-looking, thin skin to its youthful, radiant, plump appearance.

Enjoy the confidence that you are restoring collagen to your skin each time you use your Age-Defying Dream Cream!

Maple Leaf Extracts

Elastin breakdown leads to deep wrinkles and loose-looking skin. 

Collagen is similar to the stuffing in your mattress…When the stuffing gets low, your mattress looks and feels deflated…

Elastin is similar to the springs in your mattress. If the springs are removed, there is no structure left in your mattress, leaving you with a bundle of loose material (and the worst night of sleep of your life)!

Elastin is critical if you want tight, smooth, healthy looking skin.

Maple leaf extract is revolutionary because it blocks the nefarious enzyme that breaks down elastin in your skin!

Maple leaf extracts are nature’s solution to boosting elastin production in your skin…

Most people have never had the pleasure of using Maple Leaf Extracts…

We’ve bottled a potent amount giving you a boost of elastin that you can’t find anywhere else.

You’re going to love the firm glow your skin has after using your Age-Defying Dream Cream.

Many see and feel the difference when the scientifically backed formula first penetrates their skin!

Yes, as you can see, nature provides you solutions to all of your skincare problems.

Purity Woods’ Age-Defying Dream Cream provides you with over 25 of nature’s most effective skin botanicals in one complete formula.

Real People. Amazing Results.

“I am loving the Purity Woods Dream Cream!  I found it last year when my previous go-to moisturizer was discontinued and have been loving it ever since (in fact even more so).  I like how it goes on lightly without leaving a heavy residue feel, which means my concealer doesn’t cake-up when I put it on top.  I also like how moisturizing it is, while leaving a radiant finish.  And last but not least, my favorite thing about it is the fact it’s certified organic which gives me peace-of-mind that it’s not adding toxins to my daily routine.  I use it day & night and would highly recommend it!”

- Lauren B., Verified Customer

“Just wanted to share my thoughts after using Purity Woods Dream Cream. Not only is it great for making my skin glow, it makes a GREAT after shave balm!! I’m not sure how many guys have found this to be true, but it’s actually better than some other after shave lotions I’ve used in the past. If for some reason NO ONE has used the Dream Cream for this purpose, please give me FULL CREDIT for this astonishing discovery and we can negotiate monetary compensation at a later date. And yes, I’m totally kidding!!!!”

- Bruce R., Verified Customer

Please consider doing yourself a favor

Take a picture right before you first start using your Age-Defying Dream Cream, and then take another picture after seven days of use.

Many see overnight results, but we don’t make that promise!

However, we can guarantee that after one week, you’ll notice a difference!

Many people report having more supple, smooth, glowing skin in just one week.

We encourage you to document your journey by taking weekly or monthly pictures so that you truly see the results over time.

You’re going to feel amazed!

Imagine looking in the mirror, and loving the way you look and feel.

If you don’t fall in love with the results you see with your Age-Defying Dream Cream… Simply notify us within 60 days and return the bottles — even if they’re completely empty! — and you’ll receive a prompt and courteous refund for your full purchase price!

We’re that confident that you are going to fall completely in love with your Age-Defying Dream Cream.

Your Very Special PRIVATE
Introductory Offer Today

Most people expect to pay $150 or $200 for the Age-Defying Dream Cream because other premiere formulas typically cost in this range.

We’ve priced it way lower than that because we aren’t a greedy corporation… 

We are a small company with a passion for anti-aging using only the best organic extracts and plant botanicals.

The Age-Defying Dream Cream is exclusively available through this page only. In order to keep prices as low as possible, you won’t find it on Amazon or in other stores…

The investment for the Age-Defying Dream Cream is usually $79.97!

But we’re giving you the best possible introductory offer…




  • YOU SAVE $15!
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50 ml/1.7 fl oz per bottle

IMPORTANT: New supplies of the Age-Defying Dream Cream are very limited, and will sell out quickly again.

Our previous supply of the Age-Defying Dream Cream sold out in days. 

Due to the meticulous small-batch production and 3rd party testing, it typically takes weeks or longer to restock. 

We have brand-new Age-Defying Dream Cream available right now… 

Note: this is a very limited supply of under 2000 bottles, and it will sell out quickly again. 

Please place your order right away to secure your shipment. 

(We will place a “Sold Out” sign on this page when it sells out again, and you will be unable to order until our next shipment.)

Whether you choose one bottle… three bottles, (our most popular option), or six bottles (your best value), you’re getting our absolute best introductory rates on your Age-Defying Dream Cream.

Plus, right now you’re getting FREE U.S. shipping today (and reduced international shipping).

This is a courteous and complete refund, even on empty bottles, if you aren’t satisfied for any reason.

Supplies are limited, and this special introductory offer won’t be available for long!

Say YES to your youngest-looking skin with the USDA Certified Organic Age-Defying Dream Cream right now…



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  • YOU SAVE $150!
    (and reduced International shipping)

50 ml/1.7 fl oz per bottle

Real People. Amazing Results.

Elizabeth Langille
Elizabeth Langilleus
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I have been using the Day Cream and I love it so thought I'd try the Night Cream.

3 days ago
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Very moisturizing

4 days ago
Ginger W.
Verified ownerVerified owner

Love it!

5 days ago
Verified ownerVerified owner

I have tried SO MANY face and eye creams!! I have stopped looking ....Purity Woods is the BEST EVER!! I always get compliments on my skin and I'm 66yrs old! Looking to purchase the face wash as well.

7 days ago
Pamela G.
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Very impressed with this product!

1 week ago

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We’re proud of being a high-integrity and highly conscientious company who “goes the extra 10 miles” for you – from the often-painstaking yet truly necessary process of using only nature’s most effective ingredients and ensuring they are truly organic, to our highly acclaimed customer service. 

And we also believe in giving back. 

Toward that end, we’re thrilled to partner with the nonprofit One Tree Planted. With every Purity Woods order placed, we donate a portion of proceeds to have trees planted in your honor.

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“Woods” is in our name, after all, and we’ve already helped plant over 7,000 trees this year. With your order today, we THANK YOU for helping us reach our goal of 12,000 trees this year!


Purity Woods’ Age-Defying Dream Cream is for All Skin Types and is great for those with sensitive skin.

One 1.7 fl oz of Purity Woods’ Age-Defying Dream Cream lasts about 30 days when used on the face. It is also exceptional for your neck, hands, arms, and upper chest, which is why we suggest ordering 3 or 6 bottles.

Your Age Defying Dream Cream has a shelf life of a full 6 months.

Apply to your face, neck, and hands, and anywhere wrinkles, fine lines, dark spots, dryness, dulling, and sagging appears. Use before bed, in the morning, or both for peak results.

The Age-Defying Dream Cream has a gentle citrus scent derived from its organic ingredients such as the Lemon Peel Oil / Litsea Cubeba Fruit Oil. There are no artificial fragrances (or artificial ANYTHING) in your Age-Defying Dream Cream.

Yes, we use the same secure server types as leading online stores.

We are quite certain you are going to LOVE the fast results you see with your Age-Defying Dream Cream. However, if you are unsatisfied for any reason, just let us know and we’ll issue a prompt and kind refund on even empty bottles.

The land of the maple trees… Canada!

Your USDA Certified Organic Age-Defying Dream Cream provides you nature’s ultimate collagen-boosting and elastin-boosting ingredients to combat the signs of aging that make skin look “old,” including the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, sag, thin and “crepe-papery” looking skin, age spots/dark spots, uneven skin one, and dry, dull, and “weathered-looking” skin. This includes the 3 breakthrough elastin-boosting maple leaf extracts, the powerful collagen-boosting vitamin C ingredients, the highly effective moisturizing ingredients, and over 25 organic botanicals in total. See all the ingredients here. And your Age-Defying Dream Cream is not merely “organic,” a term thrown around far too loosely these days. It is USDA Certified Organic, meaning it’s gone through a strict independent review process, at both the farms and in the manufacturing facility. It means your Age-Defying Dream Cream is FREE of synthetic additives like pesticides, chemical fertilizers, and dyes, and it was NOT processed using industrial solvents, irradiation, or genetic engineering (non-GMO). Yes, USDA Certified Organic “anti-aging “products are uncommon, because it requires meticulous work and care to create, and you can’t just make a bunch of empty claims — you have to prove it’s true… Bottom line, your Age-Defying Dream Cream means the ultimate in safety and effectiveness for you.

We are an eco-conscious company. All of our product bottles are BPA-free and recyclable. There is no unnecessary packaging waste.

Everything we use is meticulously sourced, 100% recyclable and sustainable, and eco-friendly. Our supplier uses ingredients harvested from their own land at a Net Zero harvest plan, which does not allow for any use of fossil fuels and reduces our carbon footprint to zero.



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50 ml/1.7 fl oz per bottle

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