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  1. The 3 BIG Problems You Need to Beware That Can Pose SERIOUS Risk to Your Skin…
  2. The 2 Key Reasons Why Those Over 30 Suffer from Wrinkled, Sagging, and Otherwise “Old-Looking” Skin and…
  3. The Revolutionary Elastin-Boosting, Anti-Wrinkle, Anti-Sag Power of the #1 Anti-Aging Ingredient for Your Skin

Plus, other essential insights you need to know before choosing any type of anti-aging product for your skin ↓↓↓

Find Out How Women May Take Control of Their Appearance and Confidence by Reducing Wrinkles and Fine Lines without Surgery

It’s the #1 Way to Quickly Erase Your Skin’s Visible Signs of Aging

Because It Provides You Nature’s Ultimate Certified Organic Ingredients…

Including the Breakthrough Extract Scientists are Calling a “Plant-Based Botox!”

This will change everything you know about skin care…

So, let’s start with a straightforward and very important question for you about your current appearance…

When you look in the mirror, how do you really feel about that #1 telltale sign of health, vitality, and attractiveness… your skin?

Because if you ever worry that you look unhealthy, unattractive, or “too old”…

If you ever feel frustrated with fine lines… wrinkles… age spots… dry and thin “crepe-papery” skin… and sagginess like under-eye droop and turkey neck…

And if you ever get sad or angry that nothing really seems to help and you’re worried that it’s all just going to keep getting worse …

Well, we’re not going to get all “preachy” here and tell you those things “shouldn’t” matter, because we’re all adults here and we know they DO matter.

However, you truly do not deserve to feel that way.
And you no longer need to feel that way because…

Tight, Glowing, Youthful Skin…

Purity Woods’ Age-Defying Dream Cream Will Quickly Make

You Feel Like You’ve Jumped Years Back in Time

You see, when you look in the mirror and you have the deep-down feeling that your skin can and should look younger, your intuition is right.

Because the fact is, most people today do have skin that looks considerably older than it should look!

That’s due to modern lifestyles and – as you’re about to see – to using big brand and “organic poser” products that can seriously make your skin look older over the long-term.

And we literally guarantee you that, like nothing else out there possibly can, Purity Woods’ premier 100% natural and USDA Certified Organic Age-Defying Dream Cream is about to change all that for you.

It will do so quite quickly.

And this is crucial to know versus other products you may have tried – it will do so over the longer-term, too.

Yes, these are big words and a big promise, we know.

As you’re about to discover for yourself below ↓↓↓ though, it’s the truth…

3 - Dream Cream - Cropped

My wife, Lisa, turned me on to this cream she loves. It can help you maintain younger-looking skin by supporting your skin’s free radical defenses and elastin production. So, I started using this anti-aging cream, too, after reviewing the research on its ingredients. (I also recommend wearing a hat with a large brim while out in the sun.)

It’s a revolutionary cream that restores the appearance of youth to your skin like nothing else out there. It’s USDA Organic Certified and provides you with nature’s most effective botanicals for both collagen and elastin.

Dr. Joel Fuhrman, World-Renowned M.D.
7-Time NY Times Bestselling Author

In short, the research-based and USDA Certified Organic Age-Defying Dream Cream was meticulously crafted to provide you the complete blend of nature’s ultimate ingredients that powerfully help ELIMINATE the appearance of…

It’s called the “Age-Defying Dream Cream” for very good reason, after all…

Real People. Amazing Results.

I am a Certified Functional Medicine Health Coach, so I realize the importance of what we put on our body and in our body… I started to notice more fine lines around my eyes and I’ve tried to soften my laugh lines for years. So, I decided to give this product a try because of the maple leaf extracts, which tightens the skin, and also the vitamin C to add more radiance. Once I received the product I decided to do an experiment, and I put it on half of my face. I did that for a week. On day eight I went to work, I work with estheticians, and I asked them if they noticed anything between the two sides…

– Michelle T., Verified Customer

“Fountain-of-Youth-Like Effects”

The Age-Defying Dream Cream addresses all the biggest “frustration factors” that make skin look old when it doesn’t need to at all.

And it does so by providing you a unique and powerful non-toxic, natural, USDA Certified Organic formula that means you’ll enjoy both fast and ongoing results, including:

You’re about to discover the key details about all of these further below.

Of course, when you soon experience the “fountain-of-youth-like” results of the Age-Defying Dream Cream on your own skin, your first-hand experience will speak volumes more than we can here.

Still, we know it’s important you understand WHY the Age-Defying Dream Cream works so well and unlike anything else out there.

On that note, you first need to know the basics on the three big problems causing so many people frustration and even heartbreak when it comes to their skin…

The 3 BIG Problems You Need to Beware That Can Pose SERIOUS Risk to Your Skin
(and to the rest of your body)

Here’s a beautiful fact about your skin…

This is, by the way, one of the most crucial points to remember out of everything you’re about to discover:

Whatever your age, and whatever your current issues, the way your skin looks may be THE #1 fastest and easiest thing you can improve on your body.

Your skin is extremely receptive to positive change, in other words.

With that in mind, the following will make immediate sense to you:

Using artificial and toxic ingredients on your skin is not that “positive change” your skin needs.

Your skin is alive… and living things do not thrive on synthetic things.

Your skin is a doorway into your body, and your body does not thrive on artificial and toxic things, either.

On that note…

#1) The Big-Brand BIG Problem

The next time you’re in the store, pick up one of those popular brands of moisturizing and anti-aging creams, serums, or lotions.

It could be one of the cheap twenty-dollar ones, or one of the high-end hundred-plus-dollar ones, it doesn’t matter.

Just take a close look at the back label.

What you’re almost CERTAIN to see are artificial and synthetic ingredients.

We’re all about honesty and directness, so here is what those artificial ingredients are… shortcuts.

Yes, some may produce some short-term results on your skin, like temporary smoothness.

However, over the longer-term, so many of those artificial ingredients can be horrible and even toxic for your skin (and the rest of your body).

They can lead to longer-term results for your skin that are the exact opposite of the results you want… not to mention the other risks they can pose to your health.

Yes, those artificial and toxic ingredients are a shortcut, but not a shortcut geared toward helping you.

You see, those artificial ingredients are often FAR easier and cheaper for the companies who make them to use, so they’re a shortcut to their greater profit, regardless of their effect on you.

#2) The Big “Organic Poser” Skin Product Problem

If you’re concerned about synthetic and toxic ingredients harming your skin and your body, please be especially careful about sneaky “organic poser” products.

These are skin products from companies both large and small who use words like “organic” and “wild-crafted” on their labels and promotions loosely because, so very often, they’re playing a game of “smoke-and-mirrors” with these comforting terms.

Fact is, though, there is very little regulation and restriction on the use those generic terms, and they can mean any number of things.

For example, it can even mean that just one or two ingredients out of the many used in the product are “organic” (this is often the case!)

So, please look closely at those “organic” and “wild-crafted” product labels, too.

Because chances are they contain a host of artificial ingredients — or ingredients grown and processed non-organically with pesticides and herbicides – that you DON’T want on your skin.

Yes, this applies even to those “organic” skin creams and serums that cost upwards of a hundred or more dollars, and it applies no matter how fancy their marketing is.

In fact, our strongest recommendation is this:

If a skincare product doesn’t actually show “USDA Certified Organic” on its label – which requires fact-based proof, not fancy words — do not use it.

Yes, USDA Certified Organic “anti-aging “products are uncommon, because it requires meticulous work and care to create…

… and you can’t just can’t make a bunch of claims — you have to prove it’s true.

It means both far more effectiveness and safety for you, though, because all of its ingredients have gone through the strict independent review process, at both the farms and in the manufacturing facility.

It means they are independently certified to have 95% or more truly organic ingredients. (And even the remaining 5% may only be processed via a strict “safe” list.)

USDA Certified Organic means the product is FREE of synthetic additives like pesticides, chemical fertilizers, and dyes, and it was NOT processed using industrial solvents, irradiation, or genetic engineering (non-GMO).

Even if a skincare company uses the generic word “organic” over and over – but it doesn’t actually carry the USDA Certified Organic badge – there’s a reason, and it likely does NOT spell good longer-term results for your skin.

6 Common Ingredients to Avoid at All Costs

There’s a long list of ingredients you’ll commonly see on big brand and many “poser organic” skin products that you’ll want to avoid.

For both effectiveness and safety, it is again highly recommended you only use USDA Certified Organic skin products. That noted, here are 6 of the worst-of-the-worst offender ingredients to watch out for:

#3) The Take-No-Action Problem

Okay, so is doing nothing at all to eliminate the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, dullness, drying, sagging, and all the rest better than using those big-brand or “organic-poser” skin products?

Because those products may actually create the very problems you are trying to fight over the longer-term — and also because they can harm more than just your skin — HECK YES.

Fortunately, though, you’re not stuck in that “rock-and-a-hard-place” situation.

As you’ll soon experience firsthand if you make the choice, with your Age Defying Dream Cream you’ll LOVE the fast results you and others will see, AND it also leads to even more impressive longer-term results.

That’s because of its precise formulation of over 25 research-based and USDA Certified Organic botanical extracts and plant butters.

You’re about to discover the 11 superstars among these star ingredients below ↓↓↓

As you now know, those fast and long-term results are a true rarity amongst skincare products, and we take great pride in being able to offer this to you.

HOWEVER… what if you do choose the path of no-action?

Great question, and here’s the reality…

Especially starting in your 30s and increasingly beyond that, the two mission-critical components of healthy, glowing, youthful-looking skin both decline.

The great news is, though, by taking the right action, you hold tremendous influence over these two mission-critical components of healthy, young-looking skin…

The 2 Key Reasons Why Those Over 30 Suffer from Wrinkled, Sagging, and Otherwise “Old-Looking” Skin

The two mission-critical components of healthy, firm, young-looking skin are collagen and elastin.

Insufficient collagen, in short, leads to the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and “deflated-looking” skin.

Insufficient elastin, in short, also leads to the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and to the appearance of sagging, such as “droop” under the eyes and cheeks, and “turkey neck.”

Let’s start with the one getting all the attention these days…

The “Anti-Deflating” Collagen

Collagen is a protein that makes up about 75% of your skin, and it is key to that healthy skin “plumpness” and keeping lines and wrinkles at bay.

Unfortunately, collagen production in our bodies diminishes every year after age 18.

By age 30, the signs start becoming visible, and they escalate in visibility with each passing year.

Let’s take a deeper look at some key statistics on collagen loss:

Fortunately, yes, you can take action against this.

Your skin literally consumes what you apply to it if the molecules are small enough to be absorbed.

And as we mentioned earlier, the skin is remarkably receptive to “positive change.”

Now, applying products with collagen onto your skin will do little to nothing, because the collagen protein molecules are too large and can’t be absorbed.

Vitamin C, though, is one such very powerful change, because your skin drinks it right up.

And vitamin C is so central to the production of collagen in your body.

Without enough vitamin C, your body simply can’t build new collagen – and that deflated-skin-look and wrinkles and all the rest can result.

Conversely, with the right amount of vitamin C, your body can build healthy levels of collagen.

And then there’s the equally crucial-to-your-skin counterpart to collagen that many aren’t yet aware of or addressing…

The “Anti-Sag, Anti-Wrinkle” Elastin

Elastin is a different kind of protein that works in concert with collagen.

And trying to address collagen without also addressing elastin, as many are doing today, is kind of like trying to fill a balloon when there’s a hole in the wall of it.

So, like the name sounds, think elastic.

It enables skin to appear soft and smooth and “snap back” to its original healthy shape after being stretched, such as the skin on your neck… around your eyes… on your forehead… and around your mouth.

Unfortunately, elastin also declines as you get older, because the enzyme called “elastase” progressively breaks down elastin in the skin.

That leads to the appearance of wrinkles and skin that looks loose… droopy… saggy… such as under the eyes, on the cheeks, on the arms, and of course, on the neck.

Fortunately, yes, you can now take highly effective action against this, too.

In fact, this takes us right back where we started…

We literally guarantee you’re going to fall in love with the Age Defying Dream Cream for how fast and how well it combats the appearance of wrinkled, sagging, thin, dull, uneven, dry and otherwise “old-looking” skin.

That’s because of the highly effective collagen-boosting Vitamin C botanicals, the superstar ingredient against the “wrinkled-and-weathered-look” from sun damage, the 4 powerful moisturizing ingredients…

And the revolutionary maple leaf extracts…

Real People. Amazing Results.

“I just got my Purity Woods Cream and I’m so happy. Cream is so fantastic and makes no allergic reaction. So warm thanks from sunny Finland”

- Sanna Koskimäki, Finland, Verified Customer

… I first got interested because one of the main ingredients is maple leaf, and I’ve read quite a few things about maple leaf and its properties. After the first few uses, I noticed my skin was so much more hydrated and glowing. And after a few weeks I noticed my fine lines have disappeared and my texture improved greatly. What I also love about these products is that all their ingredients are natural and organic… these products are made having the customer’s best interest at heart.

– Gabriella M., Verified Customer

“When it first came, I used it right away. And I could not believe it, but pretty much overnight – for me it was overnight – I looked in the mirror the next morning and I was like, ‘Whoa, it’s a younger me!’ It was like looking at myself in the mirror a couple years ago. It was amazing…”

– Miranda H., Verified Customer

“My wife has been telling me to take care of my skin for years. I’ve always had a youthful appearance and I wanted to keep it that way as I got older.  I came across Purity Woods Dream Cream & really liked how it had no toxic ingredients in it so I gave it a shot.  I’ve noticed a difference in helping me combat the signs of aging and my skin has felt better than ever – I’m hooked!”

– Eric B. Miami, FL, Verified Customer

“Just wanted to share my thoughts after using Purity Woods Dream Cream. Not only is it great for making my skin glow, it makes a GREAT after shave balm!! I’m not sure how many guys have found this to be true, but it’s actually better than some other after shave lotions I’ve used in the past. If for some reason NO ONE has used the Dream Cream for this purpose, please give me FULL CREDIT for this astonishing discovery and we can negotiate monetary compensation at a later date. And yes, I’m totally kidding!!!!”

– Bruce R, Verified Customer

“I loved the way it made my face look. I got rid of fine lines, I got rid of wrinkles. And people now say I look 15 years younger than I actually am. By the way, I’m 56. The Dream Cream is awesome. And I am a customer for life.”

– Jane B., Verified Customer

“I love how light it is, how easy the skin soaks it in, it’s not greasy… I like it so much that I bought it as a gift for a couple of my friends and they also really, REALLY loved it.”

– Katia B., Verified Customer

I am loving the Purity Woods Dream Cream!  I found it last year when my previous go-to moisturizer was discontinued and have been loving it ever since (in fact even more so).  I like how it goes on lightly without leaving a heavy residue feel, which means my concealer doesn’t cake-up when I put it on top.  I also like how moisturizing it is, while leaving a radiant finish.  And last but not least, my favorite thing about it is the fact it’s certified organic which gives me peace-of-mind that it’s not adding toxins to my daily routine.  I use it day & night and would highly recommend it!

– Lauren B., Verified Customer

Just want to let you know my experience having used the Dream Cream for about a year now. I recently stopped by my former workplace (I retired about 5years ago and hadn’t seen any of my former coworkers since that time) and I was amazed to hear two of them exclaim “You’re aging backwards! Look at your skin!” I’m 72 years young and am regularly hearing comments about how I couldn’t possibly be that old. I’m outdoors all summer and don’t use sunscreen so I don’t deserve to have such youthful skin!

Thanks Dream Cream.

– Nancy, Verified Customer

I finally found a healthy, result oriented moisturizer for my face. The Age Defying Dream Cream makes the facial skin feel and look healthier. It has a pleasant odor and most importantly, it is free of ingredients that are unsafe for our skin. The ingredients are amazing. I look forward to continuing to use it and see the positive changes. My three weeks of use have sold me!!

– Sara S., Verified Customer

I’ve been using the Dream Cream, morning and evening, for the past 2 weeks, and I’m very happy with the product! I’m delighted that it is organic, fragrance free, and effective. I think it is even healing a small, rough, inflamed area on my right cheek. The container is easy to use and the lid fits snugly. I plan to continue using Dream Cream. Thanks for your creation of the product.

– La Rae, Verified Customer

Hi everyone! Here’s my Purity Woods Age-Defying Day and Night Cream testimonial. I really love this cream. My skin feels soft, I’m pretty certain the fine lines have diminished. People have been asking me what do you do to your skin, it looks so good. So feels good, smells good. I really like it. Buy it, you’ll like it too.

– Alisa H., Verified Customer

Hi my name is Lori, I’ve been using the Age-Defying Dream Cream for about 3 months now and I am literally smitten. It has changed my skin. I may be 53, but my skin doesn’t look it anymore. Thank you so much!

– Lori B., Verified Customer

I love the Dream Cream. Finally, my face feels moisturized all day! Right now, I’m using the Dream Cream in the morning and at night, and I feel good knowing I can trust the ingredients. I usually lose heart with creams because I don’t feel or see results. Purity Woods is different.

– Stephanie B, Verified Customer

The Complete Blend of Nature’s Ultimate Collagen- and Elastin-Boosting Ingredients…

For the Ultimate Smooth, Radiant, Age-Defying Skin

As you’ve seen, what’s not in your Age-Defying Dream Cream
matters in a big way.

It’s FREE of anything artificial, including FREE of toxic preservatives and synthetic additives like pesticides, chemical fertilizers, and dyes, and it was not processed using industrial solvents, irradiation, or genetic engineering (non-GMO).

It’s FREE of parabens, FREE of sodium benzoate, FREE of potassium sorbate, and contains no hydrogenation and no palm oil… all particular areas of concern for many people.

It’s also, of course, a cruelty-free formula that is NEVER tested on animals.

What your Age-Defying Dream Cream does provide you, meanwhile, is over 25 of nature’s premier USDA Certified Organic skin botanicals in one complete formula.

As you’ll soon see for yourself, these truly amount to an age-defying dream for your skin.

Below is an overview of some of those key ingredients, starting with the superstar amongst superstars…

The Revolutionary Elastin-Boosting, Anti-Wrinkle, Anti-Sag Power of… Canadian Maple Trees!

In terms of skin health, and particularly elastin and eliminating the appearance of wrinkles and sag, some of the most exciting research in years if not decades was announced in 2018 by University of Rhode Island researchers presenting their findings of a study at the 256th National Meeting & Exposition of the American Chemical Society (ACS).

These results were so amazing that prominent media sources as diverse as Science Daily, Newsweek, Woman’s World, WebMD, Allure, New Beauty, MSN, Medical News today, and Dr. Mercola featured it.

Researchers discovered that compounds in red maple leaf extract may actually BLOCK the activity of elastase, the enzyme that breaks down elastin in the skin and leads to the appearance of wrinkles and sagging.

“The red maple leaf extract essentially acts as a guardian for your skin’s precious elastin as you age”Hang Ma, one of the researchers behind the study, tells Allure.

That means quite possibly UNBEATABLE support for healthy elastin levels versus anything else found in nature.

“You could imagine that these extracts tighten up human skin like a plant-based Botox, though they would be a topical application, not an injected toxin,” Navindra Seeram, principal investigator of the experiment from the University of Rhode Island, told Newsweek

What’s more, prior research also showed these compounds in maple leaf extract may even help eliminate age spots.

Now, maple trees are prominent in the eastern part of North America, and Native Americans long treasured them for their medicinal properties.

However, as with virtually all plants treasured by people since ancient times for their health benefits — such as Camu Camu, Indian Gooseberry, and German Chamomile — it was only a matter of time before science also caught up with maple leaves.

Purity Woods’ Age-Defying Dream Cream provides you three different highly effective maple leaf extracts sourced from pristine Canadian forest:

Organic Acer Rubrum (Red Maple) Leaf Extract

Organic Acer Saccharum (Sugar Maple) Leaf Extract

Organic Acer Pensylvanium (Striped Maple) Leaf Extract

We’re excited to be one of the world’s first providers of these USDA Certified Organic maple leaf extracts, and even more excited to provide them to you along with nature’s other premier age-defying ingredients in this unique formula.

And when you see the results first-hand – around your mouth and eyes, on your forehead and neck, on your hands and arms – YES, this is why you’re going to fall truly, madly, and deeply in love with maple trees…

However, it’s only one of the reasons you’re going to fall in love with your Age-Defying Dream Cream.

Because we also made certain to add the perfect partners, in the ideal proportions, to the 3 maple leaf extracts for the ultimate age-defying results.

They’re all USDA Certified Organic, too, of course, and some of the superstars among them include…

Raw-Looking, Dry-Looking, “Crepe-Papery” Looking Skin

Organic German Chamomile Extract

German Chamomile, a.k.a. Chamomilla Recutita, is widely regarded for its many health benefits to your body, including its powerful anti-aging benefits for your skin. Working in concert with the maple leaf extracts and other ingredients, it promotes the appearance of tighter and healthier “plump-looking” skin. It is also excellent for soothing the skin and dry-looking, red/raw-looking , and “crepe-papery-looking” skin.
“Weathered-Looking” Skin, Dark Spots from Excess Sun

Organic Astaxanthin Extract

One of the biggest reasons skin can look wrinkled, weathered, and otherwise “old” is because of excess sun over the years.

And chances are, you’ve already heard of the superstar ingredient, astaxanthin.

It’s a very highly effective “carotenoid,” an antioxidant that provides superior protection for skin, and ours is sourced from organic red algae.

And it has powerful blocking properties against the sun’s UV rays, which supports the skin in combating photoaging and that “weathered look,” such as the appearance of dark spots and wrinkles, from sun-related damage.

Astaxanthin has also been shown in clinical studies to help with elasticity, skin moisture and moisture retention, and in promoting skin smoothness while decreasing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Plus, Nature’s Superstar Moisturizers

What would the ultimate Age-Defying Dream Cream be without nature’s ultimate moisturizers?

Well, it would no longer be as ultimate.

So, we were sure to include them, all part of the USDA Certified Organic formula, including:

Hydration-Hungry, “Weathered-Looking” Skin and Dark Spots

Organic Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil

Native Americans not only treasured maple for its health benefits, for thousands of years they also treasured sunflower – especially for its benefits to their skin.

It makes sense, because sunflower seed oil is extremely high in vitamin E, which is extremely effective at helping to “lock moisture in” by trapping moisture inside skin calls.

It keeps your skin hydrated for longer.

Vitamin E is also an antioxidant that works at the cellular level to combat the “weathered-look” from the sun’s UV rays. (In tandem with the powerful astaxanthin in the Age-Defying Dream Cream, yes, this mean’s peak performance.)

Dry-Looking, Loose-Looking Skin

Organic Aloe Vera Leaf Juice

The ancient Egyptians called aloe vera (a.k.a., Aloe Barbadensis) “the plant of immortality” for good reason.

Along with the other moisturizers in the Age-Defying Dream Cream, it provides deep moisturization without a greasy feel.

It also provides a special “aging barrier” for your skin, because it contains a wide range of antioxidants, including vitamin C, vitamin E, and beta carotene, that also help promote firm-looking skin and keep it hydrated.

Uneven Skin Tone, Dry-Looking Skin

Organic Theobroma Cacao Seed Butter

Also simply referred to as “cocoa butter,” this “Gold Standard” moisturizing ingredients was a “must” to include in the Age-Defying Dream Cream.

It comes from the Cacao tree, the same source plant as chocolate.

And what it does for your skin is just as delicious.

The special fats in Theobroma Cacao seed butter are exceptional for dry skin. And it provides compounds called “cocoa mass polyphenols” that can have very strong anti-aging effects, including with skin elasticity, skin tone, and helping collagen.

And, of Course, Nature’s Premier
Vitamin C Extracts

You know that healthy levels of both elastin and collagen are mission-critical to restoring and maintaining the appearance of rich, smooth, tight, radiant, and overall youthful-looking skin.

And you know vitamin C is mission-critical for collagen.

So, your Age-Defying Dream Cream provides you nature’s premier vitamin C botanicals – USDA Certified Organic, of course — including the following 3 superstars.

As you’ll see, the vitamin C is not the only love they give to your skin…

Loose-Looking, Thin- and “Deflated-Looking” Skin

Organic Mango Seed Butter

Many people love the delicious fruit of the mango and know it’s one of the most nutrient-rich fruits on earth. Turns out the seeds of mango (a.k.a. Mangifera Indica) are also loaded with benefits for your skin.

Mango seed butter is bursting with vitamin C, which again strongly promotes a firmer, tighter, and more “plump” appearance on the skin.

It’s also excellent for soothing and moisturizing, and it’s rich in vitamin A that can help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and promote a radiant and glowing look.

Dull-Looking, Loose-Looking, Thin- and “Deflated-Looking” Skin

Organic Camu Camu Fruit Extract

The extract of this nutrient-dense berry native to South America provides a feast of wonderful things for your skin.

Camu camu (a.k.a. Myciaria Dubia) is one of the most vitamin-C-rich fruits on earth. It has about 40 times more vitamin C than oranges, and even exceeds acerola cherries in vitamin C, so it’s excellent for collagen.

It also helps reduce the appearance of sun damage, like dark spots and wrinkles, while brightening and evening out how skin looks.

And it’s loaded with other powerful antioxidants, such as flavonoids, that can have other very powerful anti-aging effects.

Large-Looking Pores, Dull-Looking, Thin- and “Deflated-Looking” Skin

Organic Indian Gooseberry Extract

Indian gooseberry – also known as amla berry, amalaka, and its scientific name, Phyllanthus emblica — is called the “Ayurvedic Wonder” because it’s one of the most important plants in the ancient Ayurvedic health system.

It’s sky-high in vitamin C and helps keep skin looking vibrant and young. And its powerful antioxidant properties can help shield skin from environmental stressors.

Indian gooseberry also provides properties that help unclog pores and reduce the appearance of large pores, and it’s exceptional for giving skin a firmer and tighter appearance.

Real People. Amazing Results.

“As a woman that’s in the Wellness space coaching others on how to anti-age, at 60… it’s very important that my skin looks radiant and youthful. It’s also imperative that the products be organic and free of impurities.  Purity Woods skincare products made my husband exclaim how beautiful my skin looked within 7 days of using it. He said I “looked glowing and pretty!”  My favorites are the Elastin Boost Hyper-Lift Serum, followed by the Age-Defying Dream Cream.  I’d highly recommend this brand to any woman that wants to defy aging with quality skincare that works.”

- Dawn Sylvester
Ageless Body Academy

“I am very happy using Purity Woods for my skin care; it has left my skin glowing, and I really enjoy the maple scent!  I love the peace of mind knowing I am using cruelty-free, organic, non-toxic, clean beauty products that are actually effective.  Many thanks for creating such a responsible skin care line.”

- Michelle V.

“Loving this cream! Since having children i have had a feeling of tightness in my skin and nothing seemed to help. Went away as soon as I started using this product and lightened some dark spots on my skin! Thank you!”

- Steph R

“I have received my skin cream & absolutely loving it:)… I have never been so entirely impressed with a product – you sure have got this right, it’s truly superb nourishment for my skin and the difference is notable. :)”

- Maree W

“Your product is impressive! I see the difference on my skin the first day I use it. It moisturized it very well :)… I am one of those people who spent money for skin care treatments, such as chemical peels, but ended dealing with overly dry, paper like skin. Your product is able to penetrate into my skin and restore it to the condition it should. Thanks so much!”

- Maria P

“I’m seeing a difference in my skin after 3 weeks of using Age-Defying Dream Cream. My skin texture has improved, skin tone has evened out and this cream feels lightweight when applied. I recommend it highly.”

- Miriam

“To be honest… I didn’t think a face cream routine would make a huge difference, but since using Purity Woods for 2 months now… I’ve for sure noticed a difference in the smoothness and moistness of my skin! I feel SO good knowing that all the ingredients are such high quality … I call it nature’s magic to my friends and fam 😜 Also, love that the good ol’ Canadian Maple Leaf is so prominent and so powerful when it comes to elastin & collagen production! Who knew!?”

- Julia

“I love my Dream Cream. It is the absolute best product I have ever used as a moisturizer. My face was so dry that it had dry blotches everywhere that would crust over and peel off. I tried everything from aloe to shea butter to relive the dryness, but nothing worked. But now, after using the Dream Cream for two months, my face is radiant. No more dry, flakey skin. I can’t say enough good things about this product.”

- Marilyn W

“I’ve been using my Purity Woods products for about a week, and I have to say WOW, this is what I’ve been looking for! I’m not exaggerating when I say I noticed a difference overnight – literally woke up and was incredulous that I could already see improvement in the fine lines around my eyes. I have sensitive skin, so trying new products is always risky, but I have run that risk several times as I try to find a product that works for my eye area. Other products have been great in general, but for whatever reason, nothing has made a difference around my eyes – until now! I’m super excited to see what happens using these products long-term. Thank you, thank you, thank you for creating this wonderful product line.”

- Miranda H

“I tried your Dream Cream and I have to say that it is the only skincare product I have ever used (and I’ve tried plenty) where I could see an immediate Improvement. I am 66 years and just beginning to get a little sag of a turkey neck.”

- Janice R

“My face is really pretty good, especially for 77 yrs old! I am using the serum once a day and the cream twice, to extend it a little bit. In just 5 days, although the few brown spots on my face are quite light, I see a significant difference! Now, I’m waiting for the skin to tighten over my biceps and triceps.”
Update 1: “I’m on the 10th day now. Lookin’ good!”
Update 2: “I am on 25th day now and face is REALLY good and skin on arms is beginning to smooth out.”

- T.A. C

“I recently bought the Dream Cream, just hoping for some dry skin relief. On the third morning after only two applications, the difference in my skin was remarkable. Seriously, I am not being compensated to say this. My 66-year-old sun-damaged skin looked ‘vibrant and glowing’ according to a house guest who I hadn’t seen for 8 years. It has been 6 days since I started using it and I just cannot believe the difference. I am sold on the Dream Cream.”

- Carole

I’ve been using Purity Woods Dream Cream for over 2 years now. It is truly the best cream out there! It’s very difficult to find USDA certified skin cream because the ingredients have to be nearly all organic to get that certification. Imagine how many toxins you put on your face with regular creams. This cream removed aged spots within a week and made my skin just GLOW! I used it on my 87-year-old mother who has rosacea. Within 4 days of using it, her skin turned around. It was smooth and beautiful! She was glowing. This cream is a miracle in a bottle!! Seriously the best product you will ever invest in for your face. Thank you, Purity Woods!

- Laura

Taking Back Control of Your Skin and
Enjoying Fast Results Is As Easy as 1-2-3

In all, Purity Woods’ Age-Defying Dream Cream provides you over 25 of nature’s
most effective skin botanicals in one complete formula.

Your skin is complex, so it’s important to reiterate that this full range of different premiere and USDA Certified Organic ingredients is essential to address the various issues.

What’s not complex, though, is using your Age-Defying Dream Cream to enjoy it’s fast and longer-term results. Simply…

  1. Apply the cream (with its gentle natural maple-leaf scent) anywhere wrinkles, fine lines, dark spots, loose-looking, dull-looking, or dry-looking skin appears. Most often, this is on the neck, by the eyes, around the mouth, on the cheeks and forehead, and on the hands and arms.
  2. It is recommended you use your Age-Defying Dream Cream in the evening before bed, or when you awake. If you seek the fastest results, you can use it at both these times.
  3. Enjoy the dreamy results that we promise will amaze you! In fact, on that very note…

We Aren’t Satisfied with You Just “Liking” Your Dream Cream. If It’s Not One of Your All-Time Favorite Products, We’ll Give You 100% Of Your Money Back… Even If The Bottle Is Empty!

Please consider doing yourself a favor.

Right before you first start using your Age-Defying Dream Cream, take a close look at your skin. Ideally, take a picture.

Now, while some have literally seen overnight results, we don’t want to promise that to you.

However, within seven days of using your Age-Defying Dream Cream each day, please take a close look at your skin again. Take another picture.

Notice how much more supple, smooth, glowing, and young it already looks?

And you’re only getting started.

Take another close look and a picture a week after that, and the week after that and so forth.

Compare your results to where you started your journey, to what your skin looks like right now.

In a word, you’re going to feel amazed.

Imagine all that worry and frustration about “old-looking” skin melting away.

Imagine that wonderful boost in your confidence, too, when you look in the mirror, and when you’re out and about and others see you, too.

Because we know this isn’t only about improving the way you look. It’s about improving the way you feel.

And while we’ve done our best to show you how and why your uniquely powerful Age-Defying Dream Cream works so well – both quickly and over the longer-term — we know that no words here can match what you’re about to experience…

So, we simply want to give you this heartfelt guarantee:

If you don’t ADORE the results you see with your Age Defying-Dream Cream

If you don’t fall in love with it, if it doesn’t make the list of one of your all-time favorite products, merely just “kind of” liking it…

Simply notify us within 60 days and return the bottles — even if they’re completely empty! — and you’ll receive a prompt and courteous refund for your full purchase price!

You will, though, fall in love with your Age-Defying Dream Cream. You’ll see…

Your Very Special PRIVATE
Introductory Offer Today

So, let’s briefly review…

If you’re annoyed, worried, or flat-out at your wit’s end about…

…You’re getting the USDA Certified Organic Age-Defying Dream Cream that we guarantee is the most effective formula available, in terms of both seeing visible results quickly and over the longer-term.

That’s because it’s not just “organic” (ahem), it’s USDA Certified Organic, meaning independently and strictly verified for safety and purity.

And it’s because of its meticulously created blend of nature’s ultimate ingredients for far more youthful-looking skin, including the top vitamin C botanicals, top natural moisturizers… and those revolutionary and beautiful maple leaf extracts

Now, you might expect we’re going to announce that this premiere-class Age-Defying Dream Cream is “only” $150 or $200 or some such price, because other premiere formulas (that don’t work nearly as well, promise!) can cost in this range or more.

However, in addition to being forthright and honest, we also believe in being fair.

Therefore, the Age-Defying Dream Cream’s regular price is just $79.97… and as you’re about to experience, it’s well worth every penny of that and more.

1 - Dream Cream - Cropped
50 mL / 1.7 fl oz


You were referred to this page via a private invitation.

IMPORTANT: New supplies of the Age-Defying Dream Cream are very limited, and will sell out quickly again.

Our previous supply of the Age-Defying Dream Cream sold out in days. Due to the meticulous small-batch production process it takes weeks to restock.

We have new Age-Defying Dream Cream that is available right now… HOWEVER, please note this is a very limited supply of under 2000 bottles, and it will sell out quickly again. Please DO place your order right away to secure your shipment (we will place a “Sold Out” sign on this page when it sells out again, and you will be unable to order until our next shipment.)

PLUS, because right now we’re offering this exclusively through partners we know and trust, we’re giving you your Age-Defying Dream Cream with the best possible introductory offer…


Yes, whether you choose one bottle… or three bottles, our most popular option.. or our top money-saving option, six bottles… today as you’ll see below ↓↓↓ you’re getting our absolute best introductory rates on your Age-Defying Dream Cream.

Plus, right now you’re getting FREE U.S. shipping today (and reduced international shipping).

And yes, you are of course also getting our ironclad you’re-going-to-LOVE-it money-back guarantee on your Age-Defying Dream Cream, where you can get a courteous and complete refund on even empty bottles if you aren’t satisfied for any reason.

Supplies are truly limited, though, and we can’t ensure these special introductory prices will be available beyond today, so say YES to your youngest-looking skin with the USDA Certified Organic Age-Defying Dream Cream right now…



  • YOU SAVE OVER 17% ($15)
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  • YOU SAVE OVER 31% ($150)
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50 ml/1.7 fl oz per bottle

Real People. Amazing Results.

Elizabeth Langille
Elizabeth Langilleus
Verified ownerVerified owner

I have been using the Day Cream and I love it so thought I'd try the Night Cream.

3 days ago
Verified ownerVerified owner

Very moisturizing

4 days ago
Ginger W.
Verified ownerVerified owner

Love it!

5 days ago
Verified ownerVerified owner

I have tried SO MANY face and eye creams!! I have stopped looking ....Purity Woods is the BEST EVER!! I always get compliments on my skin and I'm 66yrs old! Looking to purchase the face wash as well.

1 week ago
Pamela G.
Verified ownerVerified owner

Very impressed with this product!

1 week ago

THANK YOU for Helping Us Plant Urgently Needed Trees

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We’re proud of being a high-integrity and highly conscientious company who “goes the extra 10 miles” for you – from the often-painstaking yet truly necessary process of using only nature’s most effective ingredients and ensuring they are truly organic, to our highly acclaimed customer service. 

And we also believe in giving back. 

Toward that end, we’re thrilled to partner with the nonprofit One Tree Planted. With every Purity Woods order placed, we donate a portion of proceeds to have trees planted in your honor.

These trees are planted in urgently “in need” areas, such as those devastated by forest fires. These trees help create habitats for animals and biodiversity, jobs for social impact, and clean air and water for everyone’s benefit.

“Woods” is in our name, after all, and we’ve already helped plant over 7,000 trees this year. With your order today, we THANK YOU for helping us reach our goal of 12,000 trees this year!


Purity Woods’ Age-Defying Dream Cream is for All Skin Types and is great for those with sensitive skin.

One 1.7 fl oz of Purity Woods’ Age-Defying Dream Cream lasts about 30 days when used on the face. It is also exceptional for your neck, hands, arms, and upper chest, which is why we suggest ordering 3 or 6 bottles.

Your Age Defying Dream Cream has a shelf life of a full 6 months.

Apply to your face, neck, and hands, and anywhere wrinkles, fine lines, dark spots, dryness, dulling, and sagging appears. Use before bed, in the morning, or both for peak results.

The Age-Defying Dream Cream has a gentle citrus scent derived from its organic ingredients such as the Lemon Peel Oil / Litsea Cubeba Fruit Oil. There are no artificial fragrances (or artificial ANYTHING) in your Age-Defying Dream Cream.

Yes, we use the same secure server types as leading online stores.

We are quite certain you are going to LOVE the fast results you see with your Age-Defying Dream Cream. However, if you are unsatisfied for any reason, just let us know and we’ll issue a prompt and kind refund on even empty bottles.

The land of the maple trees… Canada!

Your USDA Certified Organic Age-Defying Dream Cream provides you nature’s ultimate collagen-boosting and elastin-boosting ingredients to combat the signs of aging that make skin look “old,” including the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, sag, thin and “crepe-papery” looking skin, age spots/dark spots, uneven skin one, and dry, dull, and “weathered-looking” skin. This includes the 3 breakthrough elastin-boosting maple leaf extracts, the powerful collagen-boosting vitamin C ingredients, the highly effective moisturizing ingredients, and over 25 organic botanicals in total. See all the ingredients here. And your Age-Defying Dream Cream is not merely “organic,” a term thrown around far too loosely these days. It is USDA Certified Organic, meaning it’s gone through a strict independent review process, at both the farms and in the manufacturing facility. It means your Age-Defying Dream Cream is FREE of synthetic additives like pesticides, chemical fertilizers, and dyes, and it was NOT processed using industrial solvents, irradiation, or genetic engineering (non-GMO). Yes, USDA Certified Organic “anti-aging “products are uncommon, because it requires meticulous work and care to create, and you can’t just make a bunch of empty claims — you have to prove it’s true… Bottom line, your Age-Defying Dream Cream means the ultimate in safety and effectiveness for you.

We are an eco-conscious company. All of our product bottles are BPA-free and recyclable. There is no unnecessary packaging waste.

Everything we use is meticulously sourced, 100% recyclable and sustainable, and eco-friendly. Our supplier uses ingredients harvested from their own land at a Net Zero harvest plan, which does not allow for any use of fossil fuels and reduces our carbon footprint to zero.



  • YOU SAVE OVER 17% ($15)
    (and reduced International shipping)


  • YOU SAVE OVER 25% ($60)
    (and reduced International shipping)


  • YOU SAVE OVER 31% ($150)
    (and reduced International shipping)

50 ml/1.7 fl oz per bottle

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