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Everyone these days is extra-cautious when it comes to avoiding dangerous pathogens and wanting to keep hands as clean as possible… 

But did you know that most common hand sanitizers are filled with highly TOXIC ingredients that are harmful to you and your family!??

Pur-Defense Instant Hand Sanitizer is not only FDA Registered… it’s USDA Certified Organic

Unlike the many, many “organic” imposters out there… 

Pur-Defense is just that: PURE

It’s 100% FREE of toxic chemicals and irritants like Tocopheryl Acetate, Aminomethyl Propanol, methanol, nitrosamines, hydroquinone, pesticides, and artificial dyes. 

Pur-Defense is also free of toxic “fragrance” chemicals that are known carcinogens, neurotoxins, hormone-disruptors, asthma triggers, and allergens. (Yes, that’s what many typical hand sanitizers contain and your skin is absorbing when you use inferior hand cleaners!)

Confidently sanitize your hands with the recommended, pathogen-busting 70% ethyl alcohol formula that’s independently verified to be free of anything you don’t want to feed your skin and body…

All with a rock-solid, money-back guarantee!


It’s simple. Pur-Defense has what most hand sanitizers do not… USDA Certified Organic Ingredients.

This solves the TWO BIGGEST PROBLEMS with other hand sanitizers… 

  1. Potentially toxic chemicals being absorbed by your body’s biggest organ (your skin!)
  2. The lack of regulation allowing unscrupulous companies to falsely label their products as “organic”. Unfortunately these fake, organic imposters can sometimes be even more toxic and dangerous than regular, chemical-filled products!

FACT: It’s not easy to get Certified Organic by the USDA. There are VERY strict requirements, and Pur-Defense fulfills them all…   

Each ingredient in Pur-Defense is independently tested and certified pure…

Ensuring YOU can confidently and safely keep your family protected from dangerous germs! 


Have you seen sanitizers that claim to be FDA “approved”? They are lying! There are ZERO sanitizers “approved” by the FDA. 

However, rare companies are able to say their product is FDA Registered… Which of course WE CAN! 

Pur-Defense, Organic Hand Sanitizer comes in a BPA-Free and eco-friendly 4 oz bottle — about 60 uses per bottle, and is FDA Registered. (Please be careful: non-FDA registered sanitizers are questionable.)



The ingredients may be pure and simple, but that doesn’t make them any less powerful. In fact, the official recommendation from major health organizations is that effective hand sanitizers should contain 60-80% ethyl alcohol…

Too little and even too much ethyl alcohol will make it ineffective. Pur-Defense is formulated at 70%, the optimum “sweet” spot for effectively killing viruses and bacteria. 

That’s a problem with some other organic hand sanitizers… They don’t actually contain the recommended 70% of ethyl alcohol. In fact, they don’t contain ANY

A lot of these other, ineffective sanitizers use benzalkonium chloride which is NOT RECOMMENDED and NOT AS EFFECTIVE for killing germs as ethyl alcohol. 

Pur-Defense Instant Hand Sanitizer Meets ALL 3 Requirements for Effective Protection…

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