Pur-Defense Instant Hand Sanitizer

The Recommended 70% Ethyl Alcohol

In A Safe USDA Certified Organic Formula

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Purity Woods’ premium Pur-Defense Instant Hand Sanitizer contains 70% ethyl alcohol, a level recommended by major health organizations.

Pur-Defense is also an FDA registered hand sanitizer. (Please be careful, because so many hand sanitizers out there are not and may be questionable. Also, be cautious of any hand sanitizers calling themselves "FDA-approved." It's not the same thing as FDA registered and no hand sanitizers are "approved" by the FDA.)

And, Pur-Defense is a true rarity – it’s USDA Certified Organic – meaning it does not contain potentially harmful chemical ingredients common in typical hand sanitizers.

To understand why your health and safety are most certainly worth it, read on.

Why 70% Ethyl Alcohol for Viruses and Other Pathogens is So Important

Viruses are molecules of protein that, upon entering the body, change the genetic code of cells, turning them into destructive and fast-multiplying cells.

They are covered by a thin external layer of fat.

The suds in soap break down this fat when you scrub hands long enough to make enough of them (about 20 seconds minimum.)

Likewise, ethyl alcohol in concentrations over 60% can also quickly dissolve this fat.

In other words, they may quickly dissolve the outer layer of a range of different viruses and therefore destroy them.

Ethyl alcohol can also be effective against other pathogens, too, such as bacteria.

For these reasons, leading health organizations recommend washing hands with soap and water and using alcohol-based hand sanitizers to minimize the chance of infection.

Not Too Low, Not Too High

AND Not “Benzalkonium Chloride”

It’s important to remember that the ethyl alcohol should be over 60%.

It’s also important to note that alcohol concentrations that are too high may also be less effective at killing various microbes.

This is why organizations such as the CDC recommend an alcohol range of 60 – 80%…

And ethyl alcohol of 70% is considered a “sweet spot” for peak effectiveness.

Also note that many hand sanitizers that are currently available do NOT contain alcohol at all.

They contain the alcohol substitute “benzalkonium chloride,” which is not as good at killing germs and is not recommended by the major health organizations.

Pur-Defense 3 Essentials Infographic

The Big Problem to Beware of With Typical Hand Sanitizers

Ingredients that are very common in many typical hand sanitizers may pose risks.

This is especially concerning when you consider that the formulas are often applied repeatedly, meaning the chance of absorbing more of these ingredients into the body increases.

For example, the FDA has issued warnings against dozens of hand sanitizer brands because they’ve tested positive for methanol. This substance can be toxic when absorbed through the skin (and life-threatening if ever ingested.)

Another ingredient common in hand sanitizers is “Aminomethyl Propanol,” which may irritate the skin, lungs, and eyes.

Even more concerning, this ingredient can be contaminated with nitrosamines, which can be carcinogenic in nature.

Meanwhile, “Tocopheryl Acetate,” another common ingredient in hand sanitizers, is shown to have “strong evidence” as a human skin toxicant or allergen by EWG. And it can be contaminated with hydroquinone, which is an extreme skin irritant.

Yet another class of concerning chemicals are the artificial dyes included in so many hand sanitizers such as Yellow 5 and Blue 1.

Yellow 5, for example, may contain chemicals that are known carcinogens, and studies show it may also cause asthma symptoms and hives.

One of the MOST Concerning Ingredients...

The innocent-sounding “Fragrance” you’ll see on the hand sanitizer ingredient labels (sometimes also listed as “Scent” or “Parfum”) may be one of the most concerning ingredients of all.

This “Fragrance” could include any of over 4000 different chemicals used to scent products – and manufacturers have ZERO requirement to list what any of them are.

Multiple research studies have showed that “Fragrance” ingredients can include chemicals that are known carcinogens, neurotoxins, hormone-disruptors, asthma triggers, and allergens.

These are all just some examples, of course.

The bottom line is to question whether “saving a few bucks” on the popular brands that contain synthetic and potentially harmful ingredients is really worth the cost.

Pur-Defense Provides 70% Ethyl Alcohol in a USDA Certified Organic Pure Formula

YES, Purity Woods’ Pur-Defense Hand Sanitizer provides you the recommended protection of organic 70% ethyl alcohol – as you now know, you don’t want to settle for anything less.

YES, Purity Woods is one of relative few organizations in the USA that is FDA registered to sell hand sanitizer (please be careful, as many organizations out there right now are selling hand sanitizers that are not FDA registered and may be questionable.)

And YES, Pur-Defense is USDA Certified Organic. (Again, please be careful, as many organizations are promoting hand sanitizers as “natural” or “organic” that may not be — if it does not show the independent USDA Certified Organic on the label, there’s a reason!)

USDA Certified Organic means the entire formula is independently verified to be free of anything you don’t want to feed your skin and body…

…Including free of the synthetic chemicals so common in other formulas, free of GMOs, free of toxic pesticides, and more.

Now, there are a relative few other USDA Certified Organic formulas out there, and if you are familiar with them you already know they can cost upwards of $9 for a single ounce — the size of a typical travel-sized hand sanitizer bottle.

hand sanitizer closeup in tree 500 x 500

You also know they can contain significantly less than 70% ethyl alcohol or they contain “benzalkonium chloride” instead of ethyl alcohol entirely, which is not recommended.


Meanwhile, each bottle of the USDA Certified Organic Pur-Defense provides you a full 4 ounces of the protective gel.

While its active ingredient is the 70% ethyl alcohol, the non-active ingredients include water, natural plant-derived glycerin for skin smoothness and moisture, and natural plant-derived xanthan gum for stability.

It comes in a BPA-free and eco-friendly 4-ounce bottle — about 60 uses per bottle.

It comes with a 60-day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee or your money back.

And using it is simple: just apply to your hands and rub thoroughly until dry.

And while the USDA Certified Organic Pur-Defense normally costs $22 per 4-ounce bottle, we know a top-quality hand sanitizer may be especially important for people right now.

Therefore, we are offering this premier protective formula for as low as we can go in our special introductory stock-up sale today

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