Your likely under-eye challenge is fat pad herniation

One of the telltale signs is having persistent dark circles associated with your under-eye bags.

Another common sign is looking at the mirror and noticing your eyes have more of a “bulged look.”

Here’s one more thing we notice but tend to ignore: do your siblings have under-eye bags too? Ever asked your parents if one of them experienced it earlier in life?

It’s no secret that thin skin around our eyes loses elasticity as we age (drooping to form little pouches beneath the eyes). The surrounding fat then herniates to form pouches; and this is what gives us those under-eye bags.

Now, don’t go reaching for a cold compress because that doesn’t treat the root cause of fat herniation.

What you want to do is find smart ways to stimulate collagen regeneration since collagen keeps the skin firm.

Did you know that applying collagen products to the skin doesn’t help you look years younger?

Here’s why: the molecules are just too darned big for your skin to absorb.

Here are three easy and fast solutions you can implement immediately:

First, simple lifestyle habit changes… like elevating your head slightly while sleeping, watching out for salty meals especially at dinner and a cold compress (this helps constrict blood vessels and reduces excess fluids).

Secondly, avoid the temptation to grab single-active-ingredient under-eye creams (like vitamin C). It may sound like smart skin care, yet it’s not.

The areas under your eyes and on your eyelids have the thinnest skin on your entire body. That’s why they’re so prone to showing aging.

Thirdly, consider a very powerful solution that will give you fast results AND take care of the years to come

If you want fast and powerful help fighting the appearance of under-eye bags — and combatting the appearance of wrinkles,  sagging skin, age spots, and other visible signs of “old-looking” skin — consider Purity Woods’ Age-Defying Eye Cream.

The Age-Defying Eye Cream is USDA Certified Organic and provides over 25 of nature’s most effective ingredients for your youngest-looking skin.

The formula was designed specifically to boost collagen and elastin — and rejuvenate the appearance of the delicate skin under the eyes.

With all of the top quality ingredients your skin needs (and none of the bad ones)…

The Age-Defying Eye Cream is uniquely formulated to give you both fast results AND long-term age-defying skin.

You won’t find ANYTHING artificial or toxic in this meticulously crafted formula, pinky swear

The Age-Defying Eye Cream contains additional superb extracts and botanicals (all USDA Certified Organic) working in harmony with the maple leaf extracts to restore your skin.

We want you to experience the results and benefits first-hand, so for that reason, and as a gift for completing our quiz, we want to offer you an 18% discount and free shipping (within the U.S.) on your first bottle of the Age-Defying Eye Cream.

And don’t forget our “love it” money-back guarantee on your Age-Defying Eye Cream. If you don’t love it, you’ll get a complete refund — even on empty bottles.




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